hi im shelby. i live in southern california and i am a techno princess who shines brightest under the moonlight.
2 sleeps till Vegas

In 33 hours I will start my journey to LAX to board my flight to Las Vegas Nevada! Words cannot describe what I’m feeling right now. Mostly because I’m not entirely sure what this feeling is. Part of me is incredibly excited to be going to EDC, seeing all my friends and finally going to a festival since I’ve been laying low since EDC Orlando. The other part is very uninterested in going to this crazy place and being obligated to meet up with some people and having to spend money I really shouldn’t be spending. My head, heart and soul are in such a cluster fuck its making me nauseous. I know once I am in Vegas and with my friends I haven’t seen in months and some, years that I will be more excited and ready to tackle my second EDC Las Vegas. 

I do know that I am excited to travel and go party on the strip with all my friends. I have missed them so much. Stephen (420kickflip.tumblr.com) in particular. He has been the only one from Florida that has gone out of his way to keep in touch with me. We talk almost every day, multiple times a day. I can’t wait to meet up with him, have a few drinks and raise havoc on the strip! I know we are going to have a blast reminiscing last year and going off about all the things that we hate about Florida! He is being given the title of “Partner in Crime” for EDC because I know we are bound to get in some sort of trouble. I hope he gets on tumblr and sees this post while he is stuck at the Las Vegas airport waiting for the rest of his group to arrive and becomes as excited to see me as I am him. I love you Horny, see you in 35 hours! 

I am also so blessed to be able to spend this EDC with my soul sister, Alyssa (edmlover.tumblr.com). She is the soul reason I went to EDC last year and I only saw her for a few hours before day 1 then never saw her again. That broke my heart and it will not be happening again this year! We are going to dance under the electric sky and run around like the beautiful little rave fairies we are. Just like Escape From Wonderland 2012, our first festival together. I am beyond happy that she has a new view on EDC and how truly wonderful this festival really is. Her light will shine so bright at EDC and I just know that she will be appreciated by so many other ravers there. 

I guess all in all I am excited for the actual festival and I know I will have a wonderful time in Vegas. Maybe my lack of positive energy is because it hasn’t hit me yet. It could also be because last year I was with the two most important people of my life at that time and this year things are way different. While I do feel a bit sad about the whole situation, I plan on making the most of my week vacation. I know I will be making beautiful memories with the people who have proved to me that no matter what they love me and will stick by my side through thick and thin. I have a great family that will protect me and provide me with the good, healthy energy that will keep me alive and shining this year at EDC. I cannot wait to be reunited with the homies and there isn’t a better place for that to happen than under the electric sky! 

If you have read this far through my jumbled mess of a text post, and you are going to EDCLV please be safe and make sure to stop for a second and take it all in. These are the night we will talk about for the rest of our lives. Go all out and get the full experience because there is literally no other festival like Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. It was truly magnificent last year and I don’t expect it to be any different this year. Fall in love on the speedway, whether it be with someone, a set, an art instillation or just the moment make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to be completely infatuated, even if for just a moment, with anything that lies beyond those gates at the happiest place on earth.

Have a magical time, stay safe and shine bright and see you under the electric skyin four days

xx shelby (twitter: @ohxshelbs)

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